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Camping at the Store

Camping at the Store

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Kandango is proud to announce the inaugural Kandango Unpaved Fall Gravel Ride. The ride begins and ends in Volland, Kansas. The ride features two loops of scenic gravel riding, beginning and ending at the Volland Store

Directions to Volland


The store is hosting the Third Annual Vintage Motorcycle Show the same day. We join our motor brothers and sisters for a post-ride celebration, featuring a blues band - The Santiago Brothers. Are they any good, you ask? Hell yeah. They pack the house on free beer night. Speaking of beer, we will have plenty of it. Great beer from Martin City Brewing Company.


Registration is $55. If you sign up before September 30, we will knock $10 off. Use the discount code "unpaved", at check out, to get the deal. Registration includes the ride, a t-shirt and a ticket to the post-ride meal at the store. Great food truck, or so we hear.

After September 30, registration increases to $55.


Overnight option and camping. Riders are invited to camp at the store on Saturday night. The camping option is $15, and includes breakfast on Sunday morning.


What is Kandango Unpaved?

A scenic fall bicycle gravel tour in the Flint Hills of Kansas.

What do I need to participate?

A bicycle suited for gravel roads. A sense of adventure is mandatory and a good sense of humor is a must. 

Is it a race?

Kandango Unpaved is a casual ride, combining the social elements of rides like RAGBRAI with the beauty of the back roads in the Flint Hills. The rides are challenging and you are welcome to ride them as fast as you want to go. We add fun attractions and stops along the way, to encourage folks to slow down and enjoy the beautiful country and have some fun along the way.

What about the camping?

It is beautiful out there in those hills. The moon is full on the 24th and will be waxing on Saturday. We have a quiet campground available near the store.

I am not into camping. Are there other options?

The Mill Creek Lodge is located near the store and has rooms available. Check out their website for details.