Marshal Tacos Inside Skinny to the K2r

Just like prior K2rs, this year's ride features scenic country and interesting stops along the way.  This is the first posting of some of the hidden treasures out there on the road to Kandango.

It is no secret of the Marshal's affinity for good Mexican food.  Our route takes us through Kanopolis on Saturday - home of Orozco's Portales Cafe.

If you take a look at the map for Saturday's ride - Roller Coas2r, you will see a detour through Kanapolis from Ellsworth, en route to the Sandstone Saloon in Brookville.  This scenic back road is familiar to last year's riders, and it lands us in beautiful downtown Kanopolis - home of Orozco's Portales Cafe.  This is some of the best home made Mexican food in the land, and well worth a stop for lunch.  It's a perfect stop before the party at the Sandstone Saloon, a mere 18.4 miles of smooth roads and rollers.

If you do stop, bring cash, because Jesse does not take credit cards. 

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