Welcome to the 2016 Kandango K2r

New routes, new adventure, new fun

We are proud to announce the 2016 Kandango K2r.  The Marshal and posse have been hard at work, planning new routes, new fun, and new adventures.

Sign up, early, to ensure your spot with the posse, next June.

And be sure to check out our transportation options.  We get you and your gang to the ride and back home, in style, in comfortable 55 seat motor coaches.  We also haul your ride for the ride, carefully, in accompanying cargo trucks with plenty of pads.  Our Kansas bus leaves from Bike Source in Overland Park and can make stops to pick up riders along I-70, on the way to Hays.  Our Iowa bus leaves the Des Moines area, picking up riders in the Omaha area.

If there is enough interest, we will schedule a Colorado bus from the Denver area, too.  If you are from Colorado, and are interested in transportation to and from, be sure to sign up for this option, throw in an extra buck and tell your friends.  When we reach the 30 rider mark, we will add this to our options, and you will be billed the remainder of the bus fare ($54).

We think that this will be the best Kandango, ever!  We have fun plans for after every day's ride. Check out our entertainment options.  And our overnight towns have plenty of hotels and beds, so you do not have to camp, unless you want to.  If you want to camp, we have great options, too.

Check out the new site, and start your plans for next year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Marshal Taco 



  • alan lovelady

    the registration page will not recognize my e-mail. this is my first Kandango ride. what do I need to do to register as a first-timer? Thank you very much.

  • Karen

    Do you recommend a road bike or cross bike for this ride?

  • Cindy Forsythe

    Question…Can I park my vehicle in Hays for the 4 days of the ride, and if so…is there a bus option from Brookville back to Hays at the end of the ride?
    Question…Can I park my vehicle in Brookville before the ride so it is available at the end of the ride, and if so…is there a bus option from Brookville to Hays before the ride?
    I live in Wisconsin and would like to do some additional exploring of Kansas either before or after the ride.
    Is there a contact person / number that I can call? Thanks!

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