Sheriff Whiskey's laurel, and hearty invite

Heya Pardner,

The dates for the 2018 KANDANGO have been scrawled in the dust! All NEW ROUTES are now being planned for May 31st thru June 3rd, 2018. For all you ole timers that rode KANDANGO 5, you already know that you are not going to want to miss out onKANDANGO K2r: MANHATTAN PROJECT, THE SEQUEL. And all you green horns, it’s the perfect 4-day ride to see that these rides are as fine as cream gravy. This time, Marshal Taco and his band of sheriffs are aiming to outdo themselves again! They are busy planning another ride based on the old tried and true wagon wheel. The old west town of Manhattan, KS will again serve as the hub of this ride and we will be riding the spokes out of town each day to see everything that the college town, & the Flint Hills that it’s nestled in, have to offer. I also hear tales that there are some great local coffee shops begging for some 2-wheel horses of metal & carbon to ride up to their hitchin’ posts. And there’s many other attractions to pull up your boot straps for such as the Flint Hills Discovery Center, Sunset Zoo, golf courses and many unique local shops. What a great bike trip for the family!

 New this year was 2 routes daily, 1 paved, and 1 not. As popular as the paved routes are, I caught wind that these new gravel routes were such a huge hit this year, they will be expanded on for 2018! For those looking for some good old gravel grinding, Marshall Taco is busy planning an adventurous ride thru the hills for ya. You may have seen all of your neighbors adding one of these new “Fatty” steeds to their stable in preparation for this.  If your horse is carrying a few more saddle bags than your average fine philly, you might want to consider joining in for these rides. KANDANGO waterfalls attraction Pilsbury Falls, will be found on one of these routes, and this just may be the site of a down home shindig you will not want to miss. Just may be the best ever this side of the Mississippi from what I hear. What in tarnation will they think of next?

Since Manhattan is a college town, there’s another thing that’s as numerous as tumbleweed. Waterin’ holes!! Look for the first one on the left and watch for specials being offered to bend an elbow & wet your whistle after a nice day of ridin’ through them thar’ Flint Hills. Wonder if I’ll be able to find a special on the ole’ Sheriff Whiskey mule?

 KANDANGO - MANHATTAN PROJECT, THE SEQUEL is guaranteed to offer something new and fun for every buckaroo!

Registration is now open with generous discounts offered till January 1. Special KANDANGO rates are being offered by many of the local hotels listed. An ace-high style air conditioned stage coach will service the Des Moines & Omaha/Council Bluffs areas.

To see some of the fun had by this year’s riders, check us out on Facebook at Kandango Bicycle Tour – the K2r. And then don’t go messin’ this up by puttin’ a spoke in the wheel & get to for more info and to register. Make sure that your seat doesn’t get stolen by some addle-headed yahoo from up the river!