Area 52

Area 52 is a self-supported sag for the remote parts of the ride

One of the central themes of Kandango is to take the road less traveled.  Sometimes we travel in areas without places to stop for food and water.  Our answer is to create our own stop. We call it Area 52, because it is a better kept secret than the renowned Area 51.


No, this isn't a therapy group designed to give you the gift of self-esteem. This is a way to get your food and provisions on down the road and waiting for you when you roll in. We create our own rolling sag stop with a bus and a follow truck.  

Each day, one bus will be designated the "Area 52" bus.  It will carry plenty of bottled water and your stuff to the Area 52 location. When you arrive, you can enjoy your own snacks or beverages, stow the leftovers back on the bus, and move happily down the road to the next stop.

Each morning before you roll out, plan to pack a lunch, cooler or other surprises. Check in your goodies in with the bus sheriff, and they will be loaded on the bus for you, and waiting for you down the line. Our bike truck will be accompanying the bus, so feel free to catch a ride to the end or the next stop.

Each day's ride has an Area 52 sag stop. Look for the yellow sign as you pedal down the road. Join your friends, have some fun, and spend a little time at this unique, mid-ride celebration.