Saturday, June 2 (Gravel)

57.1 miles

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We head north to Olsburg, to join the roadies for a meeting town celebration.

Blue Earth Plaza to Olsburg - 31.7 miles

It is 25.4 miles to Fostoria from Blue Earth Plaza, and another 6.3 miles to Olsburg.

We plan an Area 52 sag stop halfway between Blue Earth Plaza  and Fostoria.

We will also create another stop for water in Fostoria.

Party in Olsburg

We rejoin the roadies in Olsburg, for a meeting town celebration. Our beer delivery vehicle (BDV) will be there. Grab a bite, sample some great beer and have some fun before heading back to Manhattan.

Area 52 Sag stop - 11.3 miles

Take a look at the elevation profile - it is downhill back into Manhattan. Our road riders climbed these hills en route to Olsburg, last year. This year, we are all treated to a downhill return home.

The first stop on the return is an Area 52 sag stop at McIntyre Creek Road and Carnahan Road. Our paths cross again with the road riders.

The Little Grill - 8 miles

One last stop with friends before the BBQ Extravaganza. Join up one last time with the roadies to toast a great day in the saddle.

Blue Earth Plaza - 6.1 miles

Get back in time to get gussied up for the BBQ Extravaganza. And be sure to show up hungry. Brisket, burnt ends and all the trimmings is starting to sound a heap powerful good about now.