The Kandango E2r

We welcome e-bikes on the K2r and Unpaved rides for both days. 

Because of the mileage limitations of most e-bikes, we have made the following accommodations and have established requirements.

  1. You can join either ride - road or gravel
  2. We will pick you and your bike up at the planned meeting town and return you to Brookville.
  3. Or, we transport your second battery to the meeting town, so that you can continue to ride. We will return your battery to Brookville. We are determining whether we can charge them along the way, too.
  4. Your bicycle must be capable of traveling the distance to the meeting town on one charge.
  5. You must register for the E2r.


Two batteries

We think the perfect e-bike ride should last as long as the road and gravel rides. In order to do this, you will need two batteries. The courses will be designed to get you to the meeting town on one battery (about 30 miles) and back with a second one. We will transport your second battery to the designated meeting town for a swap, and recharge and return the first battery to the Sandstone.

For riders wanting a one-way trip to the meeting town, we will transport you and your bike back to the Sandstone Saloon.

Special pricing for E-bikes and batteries

Stay tuned for announcements on Kandango special pricing for batteries and e-bikes from our partner - Erik's Bikes.