Friday - June 1 (Road)

65.5 miles

Printable pdf map

Please download and print your maps before arriving. We will not be providing paper copies

Friday’s road ride features great back road riding. We return to White City and Dwight before heading north on some prime secondary blacktop for our way to historic St. Joseph's Church.

This ride has the fewest highway miles of any previous Kandango ride! 

10.8 Miles, to be exact. The only highway miles is a 10.8 mile stretch between White City and Dwight.


Stops and passthroughs

Lyona Methodist Church - 15.7 miles

Lyona United Methodist Church is selling water, Gatorade and snacks. Restrooms available. Donations for Christian missions will be accepted.

White City - 16.1 miles

White City is hosting. Food, water, beer, entertainment. Meeting town.


Dwight - 10.8 miles

Farmers State Bank has organized a basic SAG stop. The stop will include water, Gatorade powder, and some snacks. The SAG location will be inside the Dwight Community Building located on Main Street. The sag opens at 9:30 AM.

Ride the bus shuttle to Dwight, to shorten the ride by 10.8 miles.

Buses leave White City every half hour, between 10 AM and 2 PM.

Area 52 Sag stop - on Davis Creek Road, about 11 miles

Water and Gatorade sales. 

Tully Hill Road Bus Stop - 10.9 miles

Water and Gatorade sales. This is 5.3 miles to the church. The bus shuttles riders to the church.


Buses by the Numbers

Use the buses to design your perfect mileage.

Total mileage to church - 72.8 miles

Stick around for the party at St. Joseph's church and ride the shuttle back to your vehicle in Junction City. 

Hate to ride gravel on a road ride?

Take the Turley Hill Road shuttle and shave another 5.3 miles off. Your ride is now 67.5 miles.

Want even less?

Ride the shuttle between White City and Dwight on Highway 4. This is a perfectly good road for riding, but if you want to shave miles, taking this bus eliminates all highway miles for the day. Riding the shuttle bus from White City to Dwight reduces the ride to 57.8 miles.

You can catch a ride anytime on the course to reduce mileage further.


Party at Historic St. Joseph's Church and Cemetery

The gravel ride ends at the church. The charter bus will return gravel riders to Manhattan from the church, leaving hourly, between 3 and 6.

Plan to stick around the church for the post-ride party. We have the Vista Food Truck, the Iowa Beer bus and a band to make this a fun-filled stop.

Beer Stops

Each day has beer stops. We donate the beer to communities and organizations hosting the pass-through stops. Our riders get to sample great beer at every stop, and the organizations benefit from the generous contributions from our riders.

Last year, our donations benefited the 4th of July fireworks celebration in White City. This year, we return to White City and other fun stops. Friday's beer stops are -

White City

St. Joseph's Historic Church and Cemetery

Be sure to stop and spend some time at all of these spots. Our community partners roll out the red carpet for the Kandango Nation.

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