Kandango is a 3 ½ day road bicycle ride on the back roads of Kansas. It originated in 2013, as a tour through the Flint and Smoky Hills regions of Kansas. Its central themes are to ride the road less traveled (but far more interesting), take the time to explore the pass-through communities and see the local attractions during the ride.

Each day’s ride is unique, and has its own name.

One of the things that makes Kandango unique is the community participation. Kandango works with the towns and businesses to create events and activities, incorporating the riders and the communities. 

The ride selects back roads not normally ridden on conventional tours. 

The ride features a novel ride support system that uses motor coaches and trucks to pick up riders and bikes along the route, and provides in ride support. Our one of a kind “Area 52” allows riders to pack coolers and lunches, and send them ahead for them when they arrive at the designated stop on our buses. Riders are encouraged to use the buses to sag ahead, or to stow or retrieve provisions or food during the ride. The system provides a great safety and comfort net for our riders.

Kandango also can transport riders to and from the ride. The buses add fun and convenience to the ride.


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