Ad asphalt per aspera - To the Roads We Aspire

Welcome to the 2017 Kandango K2r (pronounced "K Tour")  

Originating in 2013, Kandango is a 3½ day road bicycle ride through the Flint and Smoky Hills regions of Kansas.

Kandango's central themes are:

  • Ride the road less traveled (but far more interesting)
  • Take the time to explore the pass-through communities and see the local attractions during the ride, and...
  • Have some fun with your friends!

Each day’s bicycle ride is unique and full of fun stopovers--and the fun doesn’t stop at the city limits sign of the end town. We have plenty of fun planned for all three nights of the tour. 

    The ride is for anyone from experienced bicycle tourists to casual riders interested in riding an organized tour. We have created a novel in-ride support system, using buses with trucks for your bike, on each day's route.  You can load your bike and board the bus, anytime, to move ahead. Riders can use the buses to customize their ride with the perfect mileage and to take in all the sights.