Kandango Side Road Biker Beer

Our partner and newest sponsor – Martin City Brewing Company is creating a special beer, exclusively for the Kandango Nation.


The beer comes with strings attached. Sheriff 2-Step (Matt) is busting out his moves for a great cause in June. BMA 2017 Dine & Dance with the Stars.

Poultry in Motion

Sheriff 2-Step asks for our votes to help him win. Each vote costs $10. Proceeds go to the Brian M. Anselmo Memorial Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to preserving the genetic lines of poultry that meet the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection. 

Vote for Matt Moore

This is a great cause (even for roadies without a cause). And the beer is fandamtastic! Let's show Sheriff 2-Step the Kandango team spirit by voting early and often. He is in this to win, and ain't gonna settle for no participation trophy. Remember, there is no "I" in beer.


This is Sheriff 2-Step showing us the new grain bin purchased exclusively to brew Kandango Side Road Biker Beer.