Kansas Bus

Travel to Kandango in Style!

Our chartered bus transports you and your bike to the start town, and returns you back to where you boarded on Sunday. Your bikes will be carefully loaded onto an accompanying gear truck with plenty of padding to protect your ride.

The Kansas bus departs from Bike Source, in Overland Park, and can make stops along the way to pick up riders and gear on its way to Kandango. On the return trip, it will stop at all points where riders were picked up.

Outbound Trip

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Overland Park Boarding Location:   BikeSource, 11500 W. 135th Street, Overland Park, KS

Rider Check-in: 8 am

Arrive at 8 am to allow plenty of time to park your car, check in, and get your bike and gear stowed safely on board.

Bus Departure Time:  8:45 AM sharp    Travel time from Overland Park to start town - approximately _ hrs

 Arrival in Hays

We should have you to the start town by 2 pm. You'll be in perfect time to unload bikes and gear, change into biking apparel, and throw a leg over for the K2r Pre-2r ride starting at 3:00 p.m.

Return Trip

Sunday, June 

Bus Boarding Location:

Departure Time: 2 PM sharp

The bus should arrive in Overland Park around 7 PM. 

 Parking Instructions

Bike Source has a well lighted, secure parking lot, with plenty of spaces for you to leave your vehicle over the weekend.

*Don’t leave valuables in your car. Kandango is not responsible for losses or thefts of your vehicles or belongings.

 Shower Power

Showers will be available after Sunday’s ride.