Road rides (The K2r)

Friday, May 31, 2019

The South-Easterly - 73 miles

We travel east and south through Salina, Lindsborg, Marquette and Kanopolis Lake before ending the ride at the beach at Kanopolis Lake Link to map

Note: The map shows directions to the beach. We encourage riders to take the shuttle from Kanopolis Lake to Brookville, to end the ride. It is about a 15 minute bus ride from the lake to the Sandstone and shortens the ride by 15 miles.


Brookville to Salina (via State Street) -19.8 miles

We leave the Sandstone and ride north to State Street, before turning east to Salina. This is 18 miles of scenic rollers on a back road into Salina. You will likely see cattle and cowboys working the cattle. The Rolling Hills Zoo is on the way and an interesting stop if you want to see some exotic critters, along the way.

Salina to Coronado Heights Castle - 19.9 miles

We pass through Salina on the way to more back roads to LIndsborg. On the way, we pass the Coronado Heights Castle. It is one mile from the blacktop, to the west. This is a fun detour and worth the effort. The views are spectacular! Say hey to the gravel posse at the castle before going on to Lindsborg.

The Castle to LIndsborg - 4.5 miles

It is a short hop to Lindsborg for fun at the meeting town.

LINDSBORG (meeting town)

Lindsborg is the town that inspired the creation of Kandango. We meet the gravel riders here for fun, food and entertainment. We are working with Lindsborg for a park venue (similar to White City in 2017 and 2018). The venue will include food vendors, entertainment and beer.

Don't miss the Ole Stuga and downtown LIndsborg. Check out and download the visitor's guide.

Lindsborg to Marquette - 15.3 miles

We take the back roads, south and west to Marquette. We visited Marquette in 2014 and love this town.

Things to see and do in Marquette-

  • The Ranch House - check out the link! Perfect stop for the K2r. Good food and cold beer. Owners Tom and Cathy French welcome the Kandango nation! Love the old west pics. 
  • Kansas Motorcycle Museum. Stop in and see some vintage motorcycles. Speaking of motorcycles, be sure to check out and sign up for Kandango UnPaved - our fall gravel ride in Volland (the vintage motorcycle tour joins us again).

Marquette to Kanopolis Lake - 13.5 miles

The last stretch of a perfect day!

We end the ride at the beach - the beach at Kanopolis Lake. We join the gravel riders for an Area 52 celebration. Check your bikes, go for a dip, re-live the ride with the gravel grinders (they won't believe what they missed!) and jump on the bus when you are ready to return to the Sandstone. 

By the way. the picture on the home page for the road rides was taken on Highway 141 - the lake road we travel.

Saturday, May 31, 2019

North by Northwest - 73.2 miles to the Rocks

We head north to Tescott and west to Lincoln, before turning south through wind farm country to Ellsworth, and on to Kanopolis and Mushroom Rocks State Park.

Note: The map shows directions to Mushroom Rocks State Park. We encourage riders to take the shuttle from the Rocks to Brookville, to end the ride. It is about a 10 minute bus ride to the Sandstone. Buses leave every half hour.

Link to map

 Brookville to Tescott - 17 miles

We head north to the road to Somewhere. That is the Somewhere Bar and Grill in Tescott. The Somewhere hosted the posse for breakfast on the 2016 K2r. Excellent stop! Great hosts. Great stop. Sure beats no where.

Tescott to Lincoln - 16 miles

This is wide-open pure Kansas country along Highway 18, into Lincoln. Hang a Louie into Beverly to tour the town on the way. Ride the Beverly Hills.

Lincoln to Ellsworth - 26 miles

This is beautiful Smoky Hills country with rollers and wind farms.

Ellsworth has lots of things to do and see. Take your time and check out the town. Notable fun spots include Paden's Place for food and a cold beer. There is a Saturday be a farmer's market downtown.

Ellsworth to Kanopolis - 4.6 miles

This is a scenic back road into Kanopolis. Orosco's Portales Cafe has great Mexican food.

Kanopolis to Mushroom Rocks State Park - 10 miles

We re-unite with the UnPaved graveleers at the Rocks to explore the interesting geology and a beer. Check your bikes at the truck and we will get you to the Sandstone in time for the BBQ Extravaganza. 

Shuttles and Area 52 information