Road rides (The K2r)

Both days rides are great!


Friday's route

Highlights- 81.1 miles

We take a northern route through Tescott, Lincoln, Ellsworth and Kanopolis. Major attractions include Mushroom Rocks - a must see for both rides.

Wind Farm Country

There's lots of wind in them thar hills. You will see wind farms on Highway 14, en route to Ellsworth. If only we could plug those e-bikes in.

You can reduce mileage to 71 by checking your bike in at the Rocks and taking the shuttle back to Brookville. All towns should be fun and interesting. Tescott is a great stop for breakfast. Lincoln is the meeting town.

Spend a little time in Ellsworth, it is an interesting town. Paden's Place on Douglas Avenue is a fun little bar with food. Pretty Boy Floyd's is an underground speak easy, which would be an interesting site to see, but not open when we will be there.

I love the Mexican food and bar in Kanopolis. 

A detour to the Mushroom Rocks on the way back to Brookville sounds good. There will be an Area 52 stop with beer. If you check your bike and take the shuttle back to Brookville, you are welcome to have some.

Saturday's route

Highlights - 84.4 miles

We take State Street east into Salina to start the ride. This is beautiful cowboy country with rolling hills and cattle. You will most likely see cowboys herding cattle. Salina is the next stop. Plenty to do and see.

Our meeting town is Lindsborg. This is a fun and interesting town. Spend some time to see the mill and other sites. Marquette is next, and has food and attractions. Spend a little time, here, too. We are trying to find a stop near the dam at Kanopolis Lake, but have not yet done so.

We travel past the turn into Mushroom Rocks on the way back. We will be repeating the Area 52 experience from Friday, to have some fun and shorten the ride. You know the drill - check your bikes and have some fun at the Rocks. Rocks on. It shortens your ride to 74.4 miles.