Sandstone Saloon & Brookville

"Stay all night, stay a little longer,
Dance all night, dance a little longer,
Pull off your coat, throw it in the corner,
Don't see why you can't stay a little longer."

   -   Bob Wills and Tommy Duncan

That pretty much sums up Kandango and the Sandstone. We show up early and stay late. If you are a camper, your trip never leaves the farm (except for the rides). 


Friday, May 31

6 AM           Chuckwagon breakfast at the Sandstone Saloon

8 AM           Mass start for road and gravel rides

2 PM           Post-ride activities begin. Band starts playing at the Sandstone

2 - 10 PM    Music, food and fun at the Sandstone

10 PM         Bus to Salina hotels

Saturday, June 1

6 AM           Breakfast at the Sandstone Saloon.

8 AM           Mass start for the road and gravel rides

2 - 10 PM    Music, food and fun.

4 PM           Barbecue Extravaganza. Chuckwagon opens.

5 PM           Bus to Salina hotels

5:45 PM      Bus to Brookville from Salina hotels

10 PM         Bus to Salina hotels

Accommodations in Brookville

Riders are welcome to check their bikes in for safe keeping at the high school on Friday nights and use the shower and restroom facilities after Friday and Saturday rides. Clean up, put on your party duds, head for the ho down, and stay a little longer.