Saturday, June 2 (Road)

 70 Miles

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We plot a new course to discover points west and north of the Little Apple. We visit Keats, Riley, Leonardville, and Randolph before returning to Olsburg. Olsburg is the meeting town and will be rocking.


 Route map 

Passthroughs and stopovers

Keats - 13.2 miles

Riley - 10.5 miles


Leonardville - 6.1 miles

Off the beaten path. Home of Green Bay Packer - Jordie Nelson.

Randolph - 10.4 miles

Olsburg - 8.5 miles (meeting town)

Olsburg is the last stop before heading for the hills and back to Manhattan. Food, beer and music.

Carnahan Rd and McIntyre Creek Rd - 8.6 miles

Area 52 sag stop for both road and gravel rides

Little Grill - 7.5 miles

Might as well stop in on the way back to earth (Blue Earth Plaza, that is).

Blue Earth Plaza - 6 miles

Time to get gussied up for the BBQ Extravaganza