Sunday's Ride - School Marm

Sunday: June 11, 2017

Kandango returns to one of the most scenic roads in Kansas - Old K10 Road, between Alta Vista and Alma.

Food trucks will serve breakfast on McDowell Creek Road. 

End of the trail party at Volland Store (8 miles from end).


                  K2r Map               Kandango Unpaved    

                 50.8 miles

Sunday's Pass-Through Communities

  1. Moyer Ranch Road
  2. Alta Visa
  3. Volland Store
  4. Alma (end of the trail)

Ride Highlights

Bus Riders (...and others in need of a shower)

Showers will be available at Alma High School after the ride.

Shuttle services

Have your car waiting for you at the end of the trail. We make this easy with our shuttle. 

Check out the details - shuttle