Sunday, June 3 (Road)

53.6 miles

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We return to Alma to end the 2018 K2r. We cannot resist the beauty and fun of old K-10 road from Alta Vista.

St. Joseph' Church - 13.2 miles

Our first stop is the historic St. Joseph's Church for breakfast. Food vendors will be on site. 

Shuttle at Schmedemann Road - 6.7 miles

We provide a shuttle service for riders not wanting to ride the 3 miles of gravel on Schemedemann Road between McDowell Creek Road and Humboldt Creek Road. The road may be rideable on road bikes, depending on the current conditions. Shuttles will leave every 15 minutes.

Alta Vista - 13.3 miles

Our next stop is Alta Vista. We will be making arrangements with the grocery store and with the diner (if the diner is still open). 

Volland Store - 9 miles

Join the gravel grinders at the last party of this year's ride at the Volland Store. Beer sales benefit the Volland Store.

 Alma - 8.7 miles

We finish the ride at the high school in Alma. Showers are available.


Manhattan-Alma Bus Shuttle

How do I get back to my car after the ride?

Park your car in Alma before the ride. We will take you back to Manhattan.

Drive your vehicle to Alma, on Sunday morning, and we will take you back to Manhattan in time to start the ride. 

Bus pick-up times in Alma

Saturday, June 2 - 5 PM                  For no vehicle hassles on Sunday

Sunday morning - 6 AM, 7 AM       Get up early and move your car

Luggage and stuff

We can haul your stuff to Alma, too. Please help us keep this manageable by loading as much as you can in your vehicles before you drop them in Alma.

Please drop or leave your bikes in Manhattan. This shuttle is designed to quickly move drivers back to Manhattan. If you require bike transportation back to Manhattan, please notify us in advance.

We will drop your gear in the high school parking lot.