Thursday's Ride - The K2r Pre-2r

Thursday: June 8, 2017

Stop #1 - The Little Grill

via ViaAgri Falls  Tube B, or not Tube B, that is the question

The Little Grill

Our 1st oasis is The Little Grill. When we saw the plastic palm tree we instantly knew this would become a favorite with the Kandango Nation. Breakfast and open bar. If the Sandstone Saloon had a palm tree, we would never have left the area. 

Marley Mushrooms - not just for breakfast anymore...

Tour the Little Apple

K2r Pre-2r All Skate

Manhattan has so many bike trails and places to see, we are leaving it up to you to make your own adventure.  Throw a leg over, tour the city, ride the trails and visit some of the interesting attractions after you sign in at ground zero - The Blue Earth Plaza. 

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